Ten-4 is a young dynamic team of the smartest creative strategists and specialists. We humanize brands. We connect them to culture. We make Sharp content that converts.

We work with brands such as DR, Netflix, Apple triband, Anthon berg and many more...

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Our Culture




We're not just satisfied with the status quo. We actively seek to disrupt conventional thinking and challenge industry norms, sparking change that leads to fresh solutions and groundbreaking results.

We don't do ordinary. We're here to flip the script, challenge the norms, break rules and make waves that bring fresh, mind-blowing solutions to the table.



At our core, we’re driven by data. We believe that insights and information empowers us to understand trends, analyze audience behavior and shape the strategy of the future.

We don’t see data as just numbers and graphs; it’s the key to understanding the next gen. We’re all about digits, using them to dive deep into trends and decode how digital audiences behave.



We dedicate everything we do to stay at the forefront of media trends. We’re perpetually inquisitive, constantly searching for fresh ideas and pioneering approaches.

We live for what's poppin' now and what's on the horizon. Always on the hunt for the next big thing, turning over every rock for fresh ideas and trailblazing approaches. We're like detectives on a mission – but make it creative.



We build connections grounded in honesty and credibility, ensuring that our every action reflects our true values.

We're all about keeping it real. All in for trust, building bridges based on real-deal credibility. Everything we do is a reflection of our values, straight from the heart.



In a rapidly changing landscape, staying relevant is imperative. We're dedicated to keeping our strategies, content, and interactions aligned with what matters most to our clients and their audiences.

In a world that never stops moving, staying in the game is a must. We're all about keeping our strategies, content, and chats on point, always in sync with what our people crave.



We believe in the power of collaboration and mutual support, always striving for a collective “we” instead of an individual “me”.

We're all about teamwork and having each other's backs. Collaboration is where the magic happens, and together, we're unstoppable.